Frontline Project: Dundalk to Letterkenny in 50 interviews

Brexit Border Blog is part-way through a unique project in the border counties of the Republic. From Dundalk to Letterkenny we are talking to companies, business groups and communities in the front line about the impact Brexit is having on them now and may have in the future. One theme that has already clearly emerged is postponement of investment plans by small businesses dependent on cross-border trade.

We have two weeks to complete the Frontline Project, which is being done on behalf of Chambers Ireland and the British Irish Chamber of Commerce  (BICC). We are particularly seeking people who have looked beyond currency effects to consider the business impact of customs tariffs. Do you or someone you know have a business in the front line? Do you have a Brexit plan and can you tell us about it? Do you know of any odd or unintended consequences of Brexit which will affect communities? Please get in touch by email to

Our findings will be collated in a report to Chambers Ireland and BICC, and we will publish some or all of them on Brexit Border Blog.