Source: What think tanks are thinking


There are an awful lot of people across Europe working very hard to understand the implications and remote consequences. The European Parliamentary Research Service Blog lists 40 papers in various languages by research institutions from across the continent since August, with the pace of publication picking up sharply in October. Titles can be provocative, such as “Brexit Britain: The poor man of Western Europe?” from the Centre for European Reform. We get a mention in “Ein Brexit ohne Schotten und Nordiren?” by the German Stiftung Wissenschaft und Politik, but the greatest value seems to have been added by a paper from the Chatham House institution in London: “The UK trade landscape after Brexit” which lays out a quite astounding challenge. “The UK is faced with the task of negotiating more than 100 new trade agreements if it leaves the EU customs union ….The most immediate challenges the UK faces arise from its reduced negotiating power as a sole actor, the initial lack of personnel and training in trade negotiation, time pressure, and concerns that the EU will seek to play hardball in order to discourage other member states from leaving the union.”