Source: Teagasc on Agri-food


teagascUnlike many reports written before the event this heavy-duty 73-page study by Teagasc (Irish Agriculture and Food Development Authority) issued in April 2016 retains its value if only because of the data tables. Like all good analysts they emphasize what is not known and can’t be known: “The magnitude of the loss in Irish agri-food export value would depend on the UK’s future trading relationship with the EU27 (and Ireland) and the direction of UK agricultural policy, both of which remain unknown.” But they have a go anyway: “The largest impact showed a reduction in total Irish agri-food exports of 8 percent or €800 million … The smallest impact of Brexit is an annual loss of agri-food export value of circa €150 m or 1.4 percent of agri-food export value.” No policies will prevent negative impact now, the aim must be to hold it down as low as possible.