Source: British Brexit landscape six months on

“The articulation of little more than a series of unrelated and mutually conflicting aspirations cannot hide the absence of a game-plan.” This withering summation of Prime Minister Theresa May’s Brexit achievements to date is typical of the brisk style of  “UK in a Changing Europe“, a new think tank based at Kings College London and funded by the Economic and Social Research Council. In a series of “Six months on” articles it examines the impact of Brexit on party politics, the negotiating position of the government or lack of same, reactions in other EU countries and so on. Here at BBB we were particularly impressed by a file called “The Facts” which deals simply and briefly with FAQs and some questions which should be more frequently asked on the whole UK relationship with the EU. Sample question: Has the UK left the EU? Answer: No. The UK will remain a member of the European Union until negotiations to leave the EU are started and completed. This process is likely to take at least two years. That one is at the simple end of the scale but we need to remember quite a lot of opinion poll evidence over the last six months showing that quite a number of people in the UK think the decision has already been taken and there is nothing to negotiate.