Source: Brexit NI – the story so far

So much has happened this year that “before the referendum” is now remembered as another era, a time of carefree innocence. That was when David Cameron resolutely refused to draw up contingency plans for a Leave victory: his attitude was described by the Commons Foreign Affairs Committee as ‘gross negligence”. He wasn’t alone: 97% of Northern Ireland businesses had no Brexit contingency plans according to a survey by Intertrade Ireland.

Decision-makers who need to keep on top of the twists and turns of the Brexit story would do well to read and digest “Northern Ireland and the EU Referendum: ┬áThe outcome, options and opportunities” by Dr Mary C Murphy of UCC in the Journal of Cross-Border Studies.

Her 14-page article “documents the reaction and response in the aftermath of the vote, and analyses the immediate priorities for Northern Ireland in defending and promoting the best interests of the region without destabilising a delicate political and economic situation.”