Source: 50 things you need to ask about Brexit

Keeping up with the expanding ripples of Brexit is hard work. Even after five months of fairly obsessive coverage, Brexit Border Blog was shocked and dismayed to learn this week that the price of chocolate bars may rise: Cadburys said they may have to pass higher costs resulting from Brexit on to customers in the form of higher prices or smaller bars.

This is just one item listed in “Brexit: 50 things Ireland needs to know“, an excellent article by Joe Brennan in the Irish Times. We have covered most of the items mentioned but many of these ‘known unknowns’ still get overlooked in general media coverage. Here is a small selection:

Will UK airlines be able to operate in EU markets and vice versa? UK lobby groups are reportedly already working on a return of duty-free.

How will Irish trucks transit the UK on their way to continental ports? Perhaps Britain could opt into the Common Transit procedure in place between the EU, EFTA countries (Iceland, Norway, Liechtenstein and Switzerland), Turkey and Macedonia.

The Republic currently imports about 88 per cent of its energy needs, mainly from or through the UK. Will we be exposed to disruption of supply or higher prices?

Sterling is now down about 14 per cent against the euro from the time of the vote. Has all the negative news been priced in?

Will Irish businesses face  supply chain problems given their reliance on the UK for  essential materials and components?

Trademarks, designs and other intellectual property registered by Irish companies and citizens in the UK will be unaffected by Brexit, but those relying on EU trademarks or designs may eventually lose protection.

More than 330,000 Irish people are living in the UK. What will the deal ultimately mean for them?

The latest national Eurobarometer report shows the Republic remains one of the most committed to the EU, with 67 per cent of those polled saying the country is better off within the union.