"...someone is going to mention the unmentionable."

“…someone is going to mention the unmentionable.”

The response by the EU’s Michel Barnier to the EU’s position papers on Brexit’s particular impact on Ireland was fairly direct – in effect calling Britain out on its stance.

In the Irish Examiner Fergus Finlay calls Britain out further, not just on its position papers but on the real implication of the original Brexit vote.   In essence be careful for what you wish for and in wishing for Brexit he says they have effectively voted to leave Ireland.

Of course Northern Ireland voted against Brexit and the South didn’t have a say – but that and a lack of debate about the real implications on  a host of other areas didn’t stop the vote going ahead.

But he says and offering up what he says is the unmentionable:   “the only possible way for us to protect the interests of the people of this entire island is by declaring that there will be no border on the island, not under any circumstances. A border between Britain and the EU can only be achieved by Britain leaving Ireland.”

“The people of Northern Ireland voted to remain in the European Union. While the principle of consent was not conceived to apply to that circumstance, it is, nevertheless, the case that taking the people of Northern Ireland out of the EU, and rebuilding a border on the island of Ireland, flies in the face of any understanding of the notion of consent.”