Put simply - "Brexit is a bad thing"

Put simply – “Brexit is a bad thing”

For aviation – new agreements on flights ahead of Brexit. For energy – a French Irish interconnector.  For business – relaxation of rules to allow support post Brexit.  These are just a few of the proposals in the Seanad’s Special Select Committee solutions based report which has left few stones unturned in its’ examination of the effect on Ireland of the UK’s decision to leave the EU.

The conclusion in this comprehensive report, which examines just about every impact of Brexit on Ireland,   is that “despite the assertions of some commentators there are very few, if any, positives to be gained for Ireland.  Minimising and managing the impact on Ireland of this decision will be arguably the most significant challenge the State has faced in its short history.”


Areas it investigated include the Irish Economy, the Common Travel area, Northern Ireland, Citizenship, Agriculture, the Future of the EU, Transport, Energy, Education, and Health.