"Politically crass and scientifically meritless" - Ouch!

“Politically crass and scientifically meritless” – Ouch!

With a title – “How the UK and EU can resolve the Irish border issue after Brexit” – you would think that the Legatum Institute had it all sorted.   Not according to Queen’s University’s Dr Katy Hayward and Research Associate Maurice Campbell who put it in the ‘egregious’ category- for misperception of the issues.

That’s not the most worrying bit about this report, the most worrying is the nature of how its author’s are bolted into the thinking of Government and Brexit negotiations – yet appear to misunderstand the issues as Hayward and Campbell point out in the LSE Brexit Blog.

They conclude: ” As a motivational tract for Brexiteers – ‘out of challenge comes opportunity’ (p.5) – this paper may have some value. But as a proposal regarding one of the most sensitive and complex problems to be generated by Brexit, it is politically crass, scientifically meritless and revives a neocolonialist tenor that has no place in post-Agreement British-Irish relations.”  Ouch!