The pace quickens, the tone toughens (2)

EU Commissioner Phil Hogan rowed into the debate over the weekend, describing Brexit as a mess that is getting messier. In a tough opinion piece in the Irish Times under the headline “Now is the time to cut our ties with Brexiting Britain”,┬áhe basically argued that Ireland should line up with Brussels and the EU 26 and resist calls for ‘siding’ with Britain. “There is a real risk that Ireland could allow our relationship with Europe to be defined by our relationship with the UK, which would be an enormous mistake in my view. …While it is the UK which is leaving, it is the remaining EU 27 who will decide the exit conditions and those that will apply afterwards…..The UK can be expected to argue strongly, if regrettably at times incoherently, for its own interests in a European Union┬áthat it has shunned.