London hasn’t a clue.

 Irish government ministers are highly critical of UK ministerial attitudes to Brexit according to a confidential memo seen by the Irish Times. International trade secretary Liam Fox believes that it will be possible for the UK to maintain access to the EU single market but also exercise control ovfr immigration because they have a strong negotiating hand against 27 other countries. It seems Mr Fox believes that if they do not get access to the single market, the EU would have to pay compensation to countries such as  Korea with whom the EU has a free trade deal. Losing Britain as a member of the single market meant the market for South Korea would shrink, and the EU would therefore have to pay compensation. So the Koreans will force the EU to let the UK into the market on different rules to everyone else. This is such patent nonsense that it is hard to believe it was even discussed at Cabinet. If true it merely underlines that the whole Brexit business is increasingly theatre of the absurd.