We're Live - the Brexit Border Blog

We’re Live – the Brexit Border Blog

Today we are going live with the Brexit Border Blog which has been operating in pilot form since the beginning of November, publishing independent facts, analysis and news on the impact of Brexit on the island of Ireland.

Brexit’s impact will be profound; affecting our economy, the border, north-south and east-west relations, and the movement of goods and people.  Its currency implications are already being felt but it will continue to have unintended consequences for you for many years to come as individuals, in communities, in politics and business – yet an Intertrade Ireland survey has found that 97% of small companies on this island have not yet made preparations and rely largely for their Brexit information on television news.

That is why there is a real need for a reliable, independent source of information so that you can be best informed about the changes ahead. Experienced journalists at Brexitborder.com will do that job for you – signposting and linking you to free, independent reports and analysis and updating you on upcoming events.

We are delighted to launch this new website which you can access at Brexitborder.com or like us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter.  As you will see we’ve already assembled a significant number of reports on Brexit implications and we will update regularly. We would encourage you to visit us and share this information with others so that as many as possible can access facts, reports and analysis about emerging hard Brexit realities.

Regards the Brexitborder.com team