Keep farming till the money’s all gone

Last month Brexit Border Blog completed the Frontline Project, which will shortly be published by the British-Irish Chamber of Commerce and Chambers Ireland. From north Louth to North Donegal we talked to companies, cross-border commuters and all kinds of community leaders about the impact of Brexit and their concerns for the future. Most of the stories they had to tell were not very amusing, particularly when they revolved around beef and dairy farming and all their downstream agri-food business. But there was one which got a laugh out of us, and we thought we would just pass it on to show the way that life and humour go on in the face of adversity.

A farmer won the Lotto and turned up at Lotto headquarters in a battered old van to pick up the cheque. When he came out, the media throng surrounded him and asked about his plans for the money and if there would be any big lifestyle changes. “Ah no,” says he, “I’m just going to keep on farming until the money’s all gone.”