IoD - Northern Ireland will be the litmus test for Brexit.

IoD – Northern Ireland will be the litmus test for Brexit.

The IoD has called it The Irish Question  . Throughout this comprehensive report, authored by Seamus Nevin, are raised potential implications of Brexit but particularly how they are amplified across the Irish border.  It highlights  the extent to which some businesses have already folded south of the border – that’s down to currency issues.  It also suggests the common travel area will be far from simple to maintain given that Ireland and the UK will be out of sync in a European context.  And it makes an interesting point about potential implications in an environment  where people and services have fluidly moved back and forth across the border  “…. it is currently unclear whether, for cross-border employees, bringing work home from the office will be counted as an export or liable for tariffs. This may seem a facetious point, but for services jobs and companies with intellectual property considerations (of which Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland have very many), or where staff work remotely and/or from home, this could create a considerable burden.  Its clear the IoD is very much awake to these issues.  It concludes “…… if the UK and Ireland can manage to overcome the many intricate and complicated difficulties Northern Ireland presents for Brexit, then the UK government will have gone a long way to ensuring the best possible outcome of Brexit for the entire United Kingdom.  Of course it was written before the collapse of the NI executive.