Get your transition in first.

Get your transition in first.

Tomorrow, the Guardian reports, the CBI and its counterparts in France, Germany and Italy are to meet the prime minister in Downing Street “to warn that taking much longer to negotiate a transition agreement could render it useless because companies will soon be forced to assume the worst about the terms of Britain’s departure from the EU.”

But with threats to Theresa Mays’ leadership and the EU believing there could be a talks collapse , the chances of a positive focus of the nature demanded are receding.

There’s also a hardening of the position south of the border, reflected in the former Taoiseach Bertie Ahern saying on Newsnight at the weekend that the UK has done nothing to solve potential Brexit border issues.  Remember Ireland has a negotiations veto too.

Mr Ahern acknowledged and respected the referendum vote but added  “the UK have to understand by making that decision they have made a hell of a mess for us and they have an obligation and a responsibility to help us find a solution and so far on the border issue they haven’t done that.”

Two reports, that we’ve highlighted, reflect that businesses here are still not planning properly and don’t have enough information about the impact of Brexit.  Intertrade Ireland    most recent survey finds that 99% of businesses in Ireland still have no Brexit plan.  And the recently published ICBAN report has highlighted that “although the nature and extent of any changes are as yet unknown, the very prospect of them is already having an impact in the Central Border Region.”

The CBI is essentially saying business is going to have to get its transition in first. It would be wise for business here to heed that advice but worryingly it looks like it hasn’t recognised the reality it may be facing.