Editorial: Pretending it doesn't exist won't work

Editorial: Pretending it doesn’t exist won’t work

It’s only a short letter in the Irish Times drawing the readers attention to a new Irish phrase for Brexit being heard in the Gaeltacht. Marrying the Irish Sasanach for a British person and amach, which is Irish for out, it joins them to form the word Sasamach.  I’m sure a few graffiti writing republicans are kicking themselves they hadn’t thought of that for the SAS during the troubles.  Instead there had already been another version of Brits out-  Brimeacht.  We muse on this because language is important for distilling thought. It has led us to ponder further why there is such an absence in official government circles in the North of the term Brexit, which has become the accepted distillation of the concept of Britain leaving Europe, throughout the UK and Europe. Out of all the government websites in Northern Ireland the term is used only 23 times and many of those are in passing.  If there is not an acceptance of the term to be used to describe Britain leaving the European Union, how can there be an agreed position or approach about its effects?  We understand that there are differences in political opinion about the concept but for those affected, particularly businesses, advice and assistance to deal with the outcome is still needed.  Ignoring it as a term amounts to pretending it doesn’t exist.