Brexit's impact on the Game of Throne's industry

Brexit’s impact on the Game of Throne’s industry

Creative industries are a hugely important global growth area. It is not all “Game of Thrones” though that has helped focus attention on the industry, particularly in Northern Ireland where government has identified innovation, R&D and creativity as key economic drivers for future growth.  Take a look at InvestNi’s website for reference to how 1,400 businesses, including 250 media and production companies, employ 21,000 people all contributing to it saying that NI is “punching above its weight.” And these reports on digital, music and culture and education underscore the intent.

It is clear from this 76 page report  from the Creative Industries Federation, a UK based membership organisation, the extent to which the business has benefited from existing EU and global relationships and it raises issues to be addressed post the EU referendum.  These include; that government should prioritise now that EU nationals currently employed in the UK should be allowed to stay, that government should quantify total benefits to the creative and cultural sectors from EU funding and ensure they are at least maintained following a UK exit and a request to reform migration systems to enable access to critical skill and talent.

These are important issues, and if not resolved, then threats for the industry and its future.  There are many more in this report with no guaranteed answers given the nature of the negotiations.