Brexit - a Year on (1)

Brexit – a Year on (1)

Its almost a year since the Brexit referendum, and while there has been much distraction over the recent UK election and its outcome, its now game on as far as the negotiations are concerned. In that context vested interests are coming forward with a more drilled down perspective on issues.

In our previous post IBEC has highlighted Ireland’s unique Brexit exposure pointing out how essential the EU  is to Irish success and how Ireland will feel the UK loss to the EU more than most.  Through focusing on a series of high priority areas it has identified, not just significant challenges, but potential solutions.  Well worth a read in terms of understanding what are clearly complex issues.

Next week it will be the turn of Bord Bia with the publication of its Brexit Barometer which took the temperature from companies over the first part of the year in relation to route to market, trade, currency, supply, customs and tax.

We thought it important too on this anniversary week to look back at some of the significant reports and analysis  Brexit Border blog has brought you since we launched. Given the recent media focus on the customs union and single market you can find a useful one pager from the Economist  on the difference.  And here the Economist highlights what the difference is between a hard and soft Brexit.

If you’re in business, and haven’t already,  then its wise to do some drillling down from your own perspective using the Enterprise Ireland  Brexit SME Scorecard assessment tool on implications for companies.

Intertrade Ireland is also providing a Brexit Advisory service  with  a range of advice, as well as in-depth interviews with a number of companies, charting their way through issues.

Also well worth reading in terms of understanding how some companies are dealing with issues.