Brexit nightmare for R&D

The Leave campaign may well have significant success in curbing immigration from the EU in one specific area. About 15 per cent of all academic staff at UK universities are from other EU countries, according to a joint statement from research bodies sent to the UK government in July. No less than 60 per cent of the UK’s internationally co-authored research papers are with EU partners. In October Enterprise Ireland sponsored a biotech workshop in Dublin under the heading: “BREXIT – Opportunity or Threat for Irish research?” The invitation noted reports that “EU researchers may already be excluding UK research groups from consortia due to uncertainties about their future status. UK research partners are in 13.4% of all projects involving Irish partners in the Horizon 2020 programme, which makes them Ireland’s most popular partner country in the EU. They are closely followed by German partners, who are in 13.3% of all projects with Irish participants.”