Bord Bia launches Brexit barometer check-off tool

Bord Bia launches Brexit barometer check-off tool

An Bord Bia has launched its ‘Brexit Barometer‘, an interactive 100-point system for agri-food companies to check off the nature and extent of their Brexit exposure. The system is designed to throw light on potential vulnerabilities for enterprises in:

  1. Export figures
  2. Export markets
  3. Foreign currency arrangements
  4. Customs and VAT requirements
  5. Supply chain structure
  6. Human Resources

The company gets a high level assessment of exposure to and readiness for Brexit by topic, with suggested responses. Bord Bia gets information on high-risk sectors and areas of concern.

“The impacts of Brexit will reach into almost every aspect of our food, drink and horticulture businesses and we are aware there is no one solution that fits all, and it is not the responsibility of any one person or department,” said  Bord Bia CEO Tara McCarthy.

“To help futureproof a business, it is critical for companies to discuss exactly how each risk or challenge will impact the various divisions from finance and distribution to human resources and innovation,” she said.