The 2018 Brexit business challenge

Enterprise Ireland continues to warn that Brexit means 2018 is going to be a challenging year for Irish companies.  It is also echoing research from IntertradeIreland that even yet many companies have not got plans in place to mitigate potential risks.

Writing in the Sunday Independent recently EI CEO Julie Sinnamon says: “It makes good business sense to have a robust strategy in place to ensure that your business is more innovative, competitive and diversified into key markets, whatever the eventual outcome of the negotiations.”

Too few are listening – the Intertrade research puts the amount of companies not planning at 98%.

So as the new year cranks up its probably worth reminding businesses of advice sources. Enterprise Ireland has a guide accessible here  and its Brexit SME scorecard here.  Intertrade has a Brexit advisory service and Brexit Advice vouchers of up to £2000 for small businesses.

For the record BBB has been involved in the past year in a number of narrative survey exercises detailing the experiences and concerns of businesses along the border. The first was with the British Irish Chamber of Commerce which can be accessed here.

More recently with Intertrade we’ve conducted a number of case studies which collectively form a substantial narrative about how different businesses and sectors are reacting.

You can also see videos of these interviews here