Britain's EU bill just went up

Britain’s EU bill just went up

All political acts have unintended consequences. A year ago the pound sterling was worth €1.40 but last week it was hovering around €1.16. Britain’s 2015 contribution to the EU budget has been calculated on the high exchange rate at the…

London hasn’t a clue.

 Irish government ministers are highly critical of UK ministerial attitudes to Brexit according to a confidential memo seen by the Irish Times. International trade secretary Liam Fox believes that it will be possible for the UK to maintain access to the EU…

John Fitzgeralds’s pyjamas

Economist John Fitzgerald has constructed a Brexit reality check around a pair of pyjamas that he bought in Marks & Spencers in Dublin (Irish Times 4.11.16). The pyjamas were made in Vietnam and once the EU import tariff had been…



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